Sub Themes
  1. Venue 1

    Peoples stories, indigenous practices

  2. Venue 2( Life Science)

    Water , Energy, Waste, Sustainable Agriculture, Air, Health, Biodiversity Alternate Models

  3. Venue 3(Theology, ethics, philosophy )

    Religion and sustainable development, Eco Theological Concerns, Eco concerns in religious practices, Alternate Models

  4. Venue 4( Social Science)

    Environmental laws, Eco justice, Eco friendly Constructions &Church Architecture, migration and Ecology, Alternate Models


Participants from Foreign Countries

They have to bear the flight expenses either by themselves or from the sponsoring institutions.

Registration fee for foreign participants who are presenting papers USD 300.

Foreigners who are coming as guests from recognised institutions or groups need not pay registration fees.

CSI Synod will bear the boarding and lodging expenses during the period of the conference to all the invited participants. For single accommodation participants have to pay as per the hotel tariff.


Environmental leaders, Educational institution heads, Indigenous community leaders, Philosophers, Research Scholars, Religious leaders,Students interested in Ecology, Scientists.

Indian Participants

All the paper/poster presenters from Indian and south asian countries have to register by paying Rs.1000. No fee for the students and teachers coming from the Educational Institutions in the list of organising Colleges/ supporting organisations as participants .CSI Synod will bear the boarding and lodging expenses.


Remittance to Bishop Heber College Trichy


Account No : 4134002100003170
Bank Name : Punjab National Bank
Branch : Vayalur Branch Trichy 17
IFSC Code : PUNB0413400

Paper Presentation

Those who are interested to present papers on the topics mentioned can send the abstract before 10th June 2019 30th June 2019 15th July 2019. The papers will be peer reviewed and the Authors of the selected Papers will be intimated by 20th July 2019. They have to present full text by 25th July 2019.The papers will be printed as a book.
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Autonomous College

  1. Bishop Heber College,Trichy,TN (Lead College)
  2. The American College, Madurai
  3. CMS College, Kottayam, Kerala
  4. Scott Christian College, Nagercoil

Aided/ Self-Financing College

  1. Bishop Appaswamy College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore
  2. Bishop Appaswamy College of Education, Coimbatore
  3. Bishop Moore College,Mavelikara,Kerala
  4. CSI Bishop New Begin College of Education, Chennai
  5. CSI College of Education, Pasumalai
  6. CSI College of Education, Ramnad
  7. CSI Dental College, Madurai
  8. CSI Ewart Womens College, Chennai
  9. CSI College of Arts and Science, Madurai
  10. CSI St. Luke's College of Nursing, Nazareth
  11. Malabar Christian College, Calicut
  12. United Theological College, Bengaluru
  13. Voorhees College, Vellore

Organising Committee

Patrons Most Rev.Thomas K oommen(Moderator of CSI)
Rt.Rev.V.PrsasadaRao(Deputy Moderator of CSI)
Rev.Dr.D.R.Sadananda(General Secretary of CSI)
Adv.Robert Bruce(Treasurer of CSI)
Rt.Rev. M. Joseph (Chairman of Ecological concerns Committee)
Rt.Rev.George Stephen (Bishop of Madras Diocese)
Rev. Azir Ebeneser, Secretary of NCCI
Dr.Manoj Kurian, WCC
Mr.Dinesh Suna, EWN
Ms. Athena Peralta, WCC

Presidents Principals of the partnering Colleges and Repr: of supporting organisations
Dr. Paul Dhayabharan, Principal, Bishop Heber College, Trichy(Chief)

General ConvenerProf. Dr. Mathew KoshyPunnackad
Hon. Director of CSI Synod Ecological Concerns,( Member of Anglican Communion Environmental Network steering Committee, Former Principal of Bishop Moore College, Mavelikara Website :
CSI Synod Centre, 5 Whites Road, Royapetta, Chennai. 600014.
Email 9847275754

Joint ConvenersEco club Conveners of organizing Colleges /Convener of the Justice Peace and creation of supporting organisations

Contact Us

Contact Info

Contact Person

Prof Dr Mathew Koshy Punnackad, General Convener


+91 98472 75754


CSI Synod Centre, 5 Whites Road, Royapetta, Chennai 600014