Earth Bible Sermons

A sound theological backing is essential for the Green Church Movement. Hence members have to be taught about the faith aspect of the environmental ministry. In order to reach grass root level, we have published Earth Bible sermons which can be used by clergy during Sunday services(three volumes in four vernacular languages.).

Earth Bible Sermons are readings of the Bible from the perspective of the Earth. The sermons are the Biblical responses that Jesus would have had to face the present ecological crisis. It is a listening and responding to Bible texts from the stand point of Earth. A unique and innovative work of the ecological Department of CSI.

Earth Bible Sermon

Green Parables

Waste Management

Waste Management education in schools, with pupils designing posters, writing essays, staging a drama, and making other presentations about recycling. As a hallmark of operation our phrase is "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse." Some Dioceses are supplying portable biogas plants to all parsonages-converting kitchen waste to fuel.

Green Clergy Fellowship

The Clergy of CSI, interested in Ecological Concerns are grouped as Green Clergy. Through WhatsApp and emails we regularly update them of the latest eco developments. Green Clergy meet twice a year. Earth Bible Sermons, Green parables are the contributions of Green Clergy fellowship.

Green School Programme We want to make a difference

The CSI Synod Department of Ecological Concerns do believe that the mission mandate of the Church today in the education sector is to teach Sustainability. CSI has 1900 schools spread all over five southern states in India. In addition to the curriculum prescribed, we would like to teach the students a sustainable way of living. Green Schools give emphasis to sustainability. Students are encouraged to take a proactive approach to environmental challenges and are asked to share their new found knowledge and skills with members of their family. Ultimately, sustainability is about being good global citizens: ensuring adequate resources for a clean, healthy environment for all and giving students the tools to be innovators, and giving them a healthy environment in which to learn and play.

Climate Justice Ministries

The most of the CSI Congregations belong to the communities that are vulnerable to Climate Change. We create awareness on “Climate Justice” at the congregational level in these diocese. Further, re-read the Bible and reaffirm our faith from the perspective of Climate Refugees. We inspire the congregations to discern climate justice as an integral part of churches public witness today. We hope that the congregations would be equipped to involve in saving creations whose life and livelihood are under threat.

Secret of Life

I have learnt this secret, so that anywhere, at any time, I am content, whether I am full or hungry, whether I have too much or too little (Philippians 4: 12).